Friday activities


Just upgraded to the Fitbit One. Easy set up. This one has a better grip so I won’t have to use a rubberband to keep it on my bra. Already lost one. Since I can now check my progress on my iPhone, no need push any buttons on the fitbit. Giving the Fitbit Ultra to my daughter.

Instructions here

I finally got around to making my own laundry detergent. I bought the ingredients months ago, but kept putting off preparing it because I had the grate FIVE bars of laundry soap. Well. The project is complete. For around $25 I have enough laundry detergent for over a year.


2 thoughts on “Friday activities

  1. Good morning! I saw your comment on my blog and thought I’d come and check out yours. I have a Bodyfit Armband, and love the feedback it gives me. Glad you have a device that you like! I would love to try out making my own laundry soap, but it feels like such a commitment – I would love to try out making a little batch first. Did you do that?

    • I was considering waiting for the fitbit wristband, but noticed it doesn’t count floors climbed…unless I missed something. As for the laundry soap, I made the full batch. The hardest part has shredding the bars of soap, since I didn’t want to risk ruining my food processor. I’ve already done a couple of loads and it works great! Glad I did it.

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